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REGENX Medical Institute

The REGENX Program has found that more than 75% of men over the age of 40 who have visited his clinic over the last 10 years have had a clinical hormone deficiency. Because of this, he has developed this quick test (below) to help men identify if their body has begun producing less than optimal amounts of Testosterone and other critical 'Male' hormones.

Please take the test now:

For men

Signs and Symptoms Never Sometimes Regularly Often Constantly
1. My hair is thinning
2. My cheeks sag
3. My gums are receding
4. My abdomen is flabby-I've got a "spare tire"
5. My muscles are slack
6. My skin is thin and /or dry
7. It's hard to recover after physical activity
8. I feel exhausted
9. I don't like the world. I tend to isolate myself
10. I feel continuously anxious and worried